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Re: Closed Captions?

On 8 Oct 99, at 8:55, Klingon Honour wrote:

> >At 08:38 AM 10/8/99 EST, you wrote:
> > >What's closed captioning? Is that like subtitles?
> >
> >Subtitles done primarily for the deaf.
> >
> >SuSvaj
> -------------------
> So does that mean they are only on particular programs, say requested by a 
> deaf association?
> I've never seen any on Star Trek programs down here in Australia.
> ngghoy

The "closed" in "closed captioning" means that the captions are 
only visible if you have a television set which is able to display 
them AND you turn that feature of the television on.
(vuDmeywIjvaD jIngoy' jiH'e')

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