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Re: Some Facts Required - Again

>Hello all! My name is ngghoy.
>I would like to know some facts:
>Q1/ On which episode of the original Star Trek series did Klingons first 
>appear? Did they "mutter" on this episode?

Errand of Mercy.  NOt in Klingon

>Q2/ Were the original filmings of the Star Trek television episodes based on 
>the Paramount sets? If not, where and where are they filmed today?

Technically, no.  Star Trek was a Desilu Production.  Desilu was later
bought out by Paramount.  They're filmed on Paramount's studios except
for the rare location episode.

>Q3/ The orginal creator of Star Trek, Gene Roddenberry - where is he today 
>and what is he doing?

In space, orbiting.  He's dead, Jim.  He died in 92?  His widow, Majel
Barett Roddenberry (Nurse Chapel, Lwaxana Troi, computer voice) is 
producing the show Earth: Final Conflict.

>Q4/ When did Paramount firs trademark the word Klingon?

When the name was first used.  All "special terms" are trademarked upon
use -- I think.

>Q5/ Other than the addendum, how much has altered in 1992 TKD from the 
>original in 1985?  

The cover used to be blue.

>Q6/ When was the actual release date/month of the 1985 TKD?

I have no clue

>Any comments or references are welcome!


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