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Some Facts Required - Again

Hello all! My name is ngghoy.

I would like to know some facts:

Q1/ On which episode of the original Star Trek series did Klingons first 
appear? Did they "mutter" on this episode?

Q2/ Were the original filmings of the Star Trek television episodes based on 
the Paramount sets? If not, where and where are they filmed today?

Q3/ The orginal creator of Star Trek, Gene Roddenberry - where is he today 
and what is he doing?

Q4/ When did Paramount firs trademark the word Klingon?

Q5/ Other than the addendum, how much has altered in 1992 TKD from the 
original in 1985?

Q6/ When was the actual release date/month of the 1985 TKD?

Any comments or references are welcome!


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