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Re: use of <nav>

ja' "K.A. Tsai" <>:
>Q:  Does the word <nav> "paper" have the same extension of meaning in
>Klingon as in English so that it can mean "report" or "article"?  At least
>I thought that was the meaning intended in the sentence given below.

The only "extended" meaning of {nav} that I see (and use) is when it's
intended as a "page" of a book or larger document.  For the idea of a
"report" or "article", {ghItlh} "manuscript" seems appropriate.

>>>...For clarity, the sentence
>>>we're considering is {jatlhmeH mIwmey qel wa' nav}.  As far as the
>>"One paper considers procedures for speaking."

I was assuming that this {nav} was talking about a page, not a "paper"
such as would be presented at a conference.

-- ghunchu'wI'

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