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Re: Word order revisited

ja' Voragh:
>Ship names, however, are a mixed bag.  The tag/label can follow the name:
>  qIvo'rIt toQDuj   K'Vort-class Bird-of-Prey S7
>  qItI'nga' Duj     the K'Tinga-class  S15 [sic]

Pardon?  {qIvo'rIt} and {qItI'nga'} obviously come *first* here.

>or it may precede it:
>  tlhIngan wo' Duj pagh    The Imperial Klingon Vessel Pagh S7
>  qItI'nga Duj tI'ang      this [K'Tinga] class, the T'Ong  S15
>  DIvI' 'ejDo' 'entepray'  the USS Enterprise S15

I don't see anything different between these three and the first two.
The descriptive phrase or word precedes the noun being described, just
like any other noun-noun construction.

>These last three may actually be examples of apposition.  They have alternate
>translations that would make sense in context:
>  an imperial Klingon vessel, the Pagh, ...
>  a K'Tinga (class) ship, the T'Ong, ...
>  a Federation starship, the Enterprise, ...

Apposition could perhaps apply in any case where a proper name is used, but
I don't think it's the only interpretation.

>If I'm correct, the ship designations USS and IKS/IKV act as appositive
>preceding ship names (as in English), not titles/class names following
>them, in

I don't think they're appositive phrases.  I think they're "attributive", in
exactly the way {tlhIngan} describes {Hol} in {tlhIngan Hol}.

-- ghunchu'wI'

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