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RE: {-meH}: purpose clauses

> In a message dated 5/26/1999 8:02:19 AM US Mountain Standard Time,
> writes:
> << We have the mysterious sound file on KCD, {Dajatlhbogh vIyajbe'.
>  yIjatlhqa'.}   >>
> ==============
> Off the track a bit, but here goes:  Dajatlhbogh must have an object also,
> due to the verb prefix Da-.  Since languages, not quotes, are objects of
> jatlh, the speaker on KCD must have been expressing an inability to
> understand your language.  Thus, yIjatlhqa' means that the other person
> have to say it again in another language or still not be understood,

I see what you mean, but the object of {jatlh} is not restricted to a
language, it is what Okrand termed a "speech event."  This could include a
speech {SoQ}, and presumably an utterance, such as {QIch}.  So I don't think
the sentence would imply that the speaker must repeat the utterance in
another language.  (Interesting idea though!)

This was in the December HolQeD 7:4 interview with Okrand.

> peHruS

-- Holtej 'utlh

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