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lengmey De' qep'a' qawmoHwI' je

I seem to be doing more traveling for the KLI this year than ever
before. Klingonists (and others) can find me at the Cumberland Science
Museum in Nashville, Tenneesee during Memorial Day weekend (for our
non-US readers, that's just a few days from now). The museum will be
hosting the traveling Star Trek Exhibit "Federation Science" and I'll be
on hand opening day, along with Jimmy Doohan. Pretty much everything
will happen on Saturday; I'll be giving two talks during the day (Jimmy
will too), and pushing KLI materials on anyone who gets too close.

In June I will be traveling to a small town not far from Phoenix,
Arizona (vavwI' vISuchnIS). While I'm there I hope to hook up with Eric
Andeen and some of the other area KLI members for a very impromptu and
probably unscheduled qepHom (if you're interested, send me a quick email
in the next week or so). With a little luck this will jump-start my
brain for the qep'a' the following month.

And speaking of the qep'a', if you're planning on attending and haven't
sent in your registration fees yet, try to do so at once. You are
rapidly running out of time. The preparations for this qep'a' are a bit
more complicated than past events because I am so far removed from the
conference site. That means more lead time is required for *everything*.
So, as I'm so fond of saying, DaHjaj HuchlIj HIngeH.


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