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Re: SachtaH Holmaj!

In a message dated 5/13/1999 6:04:47 AM US Mountain Standard Time, writes:

<< Suppose I am a Klingon.  I point to a picture of a
 tribble, and I say {yIH vIpar}.  Simple enough.  That tribble invokes in
 me the feeling of {par}.  I {par} the tribble.
 Now, I look at a picture of a chocolate bar.  That particular image
 invokes in me what I consider to be exactly the opposite of {par}.  I
 "opposite of {par}" the chocolate.  Thus, I {parHa'} the chocolate.  {yuch
 vIparHa'}.  This feeling is the opposite, reverse of {par}.  It is thought
 of by Klingons by referencing the feeling of {par}. >>
bIQIjmeH mIwvam vIparHa'qu'.  qatlho'.


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