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Re: jI*interested*be'

Please note that there is a site ( that you can use as a
weapon against spammers.  It will automatically write letters of
complaint for you to the spammers' ISPs, which frequently results in
their accounts being shut down.  I have personally got several
spammers shut down this way.

And there is a place on the form where you can include your own
message, which you could indeed write in thlIngan Hol.  :)

Why just talk, when you can slam them for real as well?

Ed Heil --------------------------------
             "QuchwIj Dayachqang'a' bang?"
        (KHOOCH-widge da-YATCH-kang-a BANG?)
       Klingon for "Want to stroke my forehead, babe?"

Steven Boozer wrote:

> : I've been swamped with Spam lately and would like to tell them (in Hol),
> : that "I am not interested".  I know that the prefix jI' means "I" or "I
> : am", and that -be' is "not", but I've not found the adjective
> : "interested" anywhere.
> : 
> :    --da laffin tlhIngan :>
> There is no verb to "be interested", the closest is {Daj} "be interesting"
> which refers to the quality of the thing itself, not your reaction to it.
> What
> you have to do then is say something about the thing that doesn't interest
> you:
>   jIHvaD Dajbe' QInvam'e' (jabbI'IDvam'e').
>   This message (transmission) does not interest me.
>   ("This message [transmission] is not interesting to/for me.")
> or 
>   Dajbe' QInlIj 'e' vIQub.  
>   I think that your message is not interesting.
> You might replace {Daj} with its opposite {qetlh} "be dull, be
> or even {Dal} "be boring":
>   Since your transmission is so uninteresting, I will not read it.
>   qetlhqu'mo' jabbI'IDlIj vIlaDbe'.
> or more to the point:
>   I won't read (any of) your boring message(s).
>   QIn(mey)lIj Dalbe' vIlaDQo'.
> Be creative.  If you write in Klingon, you may feel freer to be rude - or
> direct, as the Klingons would say.  If they can read tlhIngan Hol, they
> probably won't be offended.
> -- 
> Voragh                       
> Ca'Non Master of the Klingons 

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