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Re: mojaq <-jaj> <-ghach> <-ta'> je

>jatlh pagh:  <-jaj> is found in the appendix.
>jatlh voragh:  <-ghach> has its uses, but they are fairly rare.

ja' qa'ral:
: >These <mojaqmey> are unknown to me. What types are they, and how are they
: >used?
: They're both Type 9 Verb suffixes.  Their use is described in TKD.  If
: you still don't understand them after reading the description, ask again.

Specifically, pp. 175f. of the Addendum to the 2nd edition of TKD.  Make sure
you've got this 1992 edition; it's a trade paperback with a white cover.
are still some copies of the smaller format 1985 edition to be found in used
book stores which are now of interest only to the collector.  The Addendum has
a bit more grammar and includes new vocabulary from ST6 and the first year or
two of TNG, including {naDHa'ghach} "discommendation".

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons 

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