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Re: jI*interested*be'

: I've been swamped with Spam lately and would like to tell them (in Hol),
: that "I am not interested".  I know that the prefix jI' means "I" or "I
: am", and that -be' is "not", but I've not found the adjective
: "interested" anywhere.
:    --da laffin tlhIngan :>

There is no verb to "be interested", the closest is {Daj} "be interesting"
which refers to the quality of the thing itself, not your reaction to it.
you have to do then is say something about the thing that doesn't interest

  jIHvaD Dajbe' QInvam'e' (jabbI'IDvam'e').
  This message (transmission) does not interest me.
  ("This message [transmission] is not interesting to/for me.")


  Dajbe' QInlIj 'e' vIQub.  
  I think that your message is not interesting.

You might replace {Daj} with its opposite {qetlh} "be dull, be uninteresting"
or even {Dal} "be boring":

  Since your transmission is so uninteresting, I will not read it.
  qetlhqu'mo' jabbI'IDlIj vIlaDbe'.

or more to the point:

  I won't read (any of) your boring message(s).
  QIn(mey)lIj Dalbe' vIlaDQo'.

Be creative.  If you write in Klingon, you may feel freer to be rude - or
direct, as the Klingons would say.  If they can read tlhIngan Hol, they
probably won't be offended.

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons 

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