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mojaq <-jaj> <-ghach> <-ta'> je

jatlh pagh:  <-jaj> is found in the appendix.

jatlh voragh:  <-ghach> has its uses, but they are fairly rare.  

These <mojaqmey> are unknown to me.  What types are they, and how are they used?

jatlh qultoQ:  wa'leS vIchoHqa'ta'; wa'leS QaQchoHta'.
jang ter'eS:  Good use of time stamp and aspect! 

I don't quite grasp the aspectual use of <-ta'> in either phrase.  I would have read the first as saying that changes will be resumed and completed simultaneously.  I'm not sure whether the second means "It will become good" or "It will *have* become good"--or is there no difference in Klingon?


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