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Re: KLBC targhmey QongtaH Qotbogh yIchaw'

At 07:17 AM 5/19/99 -0700, quljIb wrote:
>> pagh joHneS,
>>      I need a grammar check on this.
>> As for cutting the tips off of Vulcans ears; there's an old Klingon proverb:
>> targhmey QongtaH Qotbogh yIchaw'
>> (Let sleeping Targs lay!)
>Umm...shouldn't that be {QongtaHbogh targhmeyvaD Qot 'e' yIchaw'}?
>(For the benifit of targs who are sleeping, to lay allow them.)

QottaH QongtaHbogh targhmey 'e' yIchaw'.
"Allow that sleeping targhs (continue to) lay"

or maybe just

QongtaHbogh targh yIvemmoHQo'!

-- ter'eS

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