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Re: Hov noHmey

Now that I look at the sentence, I realize I should have know the meaning
right from the start. :-)

> writes:
> > chollI' Hov noHmey!!!!!!!!!!!!
> quljIb:
> : nuq 'oH {noH}?
>   "There are two nouns traditionally translated as 'war': {veS} and
>   {noH}. The first, {veS}, is 'war' in the sense of 'warfare,' the
>   concept or idea of war; {noH}, on the other hand, is used for an
>   individual or specific war. When Azetbur, leader of the Klingon High
>   Council at the time of the first negotiations for peace with the
>   Federation, expressed concern that 'war is obsolete,' she said,
>   {notlh veS}, not {notlh noH}; she felt the idea or nature of warfare,
>   not a specific war, was obsolete..." (KGT p.46)
> P.S.  <nuq 'oH {noH}'e'?> DaghItlhnIS. {-'e'} mojaq Dalo' 'e' yIlIjQo'.
> -- 
> Voragh                       
> Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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