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Re: Hov noHmey writes:
> chollI' Hov noHmey!!!!!!!!!!!!

: nuq 'oH {noH}?

  "There are two nouns traditionally translated as 'war': {veS} and
  {noH}. The first, {veS}, is 'war' in the sense of 'warfare,' the
  concept or idea of war; {noH}, on the other hand, is used for an
  individual or specific war. When Azetbur, leader of the Klingon High
  Council at the time of the first negotiations for peace with the
  Federation, expressed concern that 'war is obsolete,' she said,
  {notlh veS}, not {notlh noH}; she felt the idea or nature of warfare,
  not a specific war, was obsolete..." (KGT p.46)

P.S.  <nuq 'oH {noH}'e'?> DaghItlhnIS. {-'e'} mojaq Dalo' 'e' yIlIjQo'.

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons

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