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Re: First Contacts KLBC

ja'pu' T'uvien:
>choghItlh (does that make sense?)

That depends entirely on what you wanted it to mean. :-)  It does have
a reasonably clear meaning, but probably not the one you intended.

ja' qultoQ:
>um, not quite, try: qaghItlh[cho- is the me:you prefix]

T'uvien was trying to say "you wrote to me," referring to the quoted
text that followed.  The prefix used was correct.  However, the verb
doesn't do a good job of expressing the desired idea.  {ghItlh} does
not mean everything "write" does in English.  It specifically refers
to the act of making marks (on paper, or in the dirt, or stretching a
bit perhaps typing on a keyboard to put characters on a screen).  The
word {choghItlh} could literally be translated "you inscribe me."  I
could easily interpret it as someone making marks on you. :-)

You can certainly say {choja'} for "you told me".

-- ghunchu'wI'

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