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RE: First Contacts KLBC

On Thu, 13 May 1999, Melanie Steedman wrote:
> *New Zealand* DaDab'a'? jIloy neH.
> Do you live in New Zealand? I am just guessing.<
> Let me try something here, I will probably get this wrong but anyway:
> *New Zealand* vIDab. I live in New Zealand... ummm, if a Klingon was saying 
> that (which they wouldn't, 'cause I doubt any Klingon's live in NZ) but 
> would they say the equivalent of "Yes, I live in NZ"?
> and how did you guess?  my spelling, but then you would have prehaps guessed 
> British or Australian *face amazingly compossed as she says this word*.
This is just a guess, but I think the "kiwi" in your address tipped us
off. And spelling isn't always a clue. Much to the consternation of my
English teachers I consistantly write 'theatre', 'colour', and 'axe'.
(Blame Gary Gygax for the last one).

Here's a fun phrase you can use:

bIngDaq 'oHbogh puH yoyvo' jIH
I [come] from a land down-under.

This is literally "I am from and upsidedown land that is underneath."


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