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Re: SachtaH Holmaj!

QInwIj bojangDI' tuquvmoH!

The consensus of opinion seems to be that /muSHa'/, /parHa'/, /tungHa'/, and presumably /Qochbe'/ are very specific, perhaps seldom-used words best applied in situations in which an English speaker would say, "I used to hate you, but don't any more" or "I don't disagree", etc.  Other ways should be found of translating simple affirmative statements using the words *love*, *like*, *encourage*, and *agree*.  The respondents have convinced me that such alternatives abound, but I still regret sidelining the Klingon words (and their cultural implications).  The ability to say, "I'm reversing my previous decision to discourage you" in three syllables (qatungHa') has the appeal of economy, but I can't imagine needing it very often.  Can we perhaps not disagree to disagree?


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