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Re: toH

>Also keep in mind that {qIH} can only be used once, the first time you
meet someone.
>After that, you should use {ghom}.


>I believe "well met!" is used a few times in Tolkien.  I keep trying to
picture Aragorn
>bumping into Gandalf (both as Klingons) in the forest (or wherever), and
thinking what
>Gandalf would say.  It always comes down to {majQa'}!

/well met/ was actually more of a medieval affectation[which yes is used
in tolkien], and has since fallen out of favor due to social distancing;
wenn jemend sprecht Duetsch, dann jetzt, alles denken dass alles anderes
ein /Sie/ sind...
unfortunately that concept doesnt translate well into english,
tlhIngan-Hol, jIwajbe'


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