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Good beginner's words.


What words do you guys (and gals) deem to be the most useful and flexible? 
I mean words like:

 {ghaj}  "have"
 {lo'}   "use"
 {jatlh} "speak" 
 {yaj}   "understand"
 {Sov}   "know" etc.

I.e. words that are useful and/or frequent in normal conversation. We're
trying to construct lessons to use during our Uppsala qepHommey, and well,
we want to give our students the opportunity to speak (as normaly as
possible) among themselves rigth away. And then later on help them improve
this skill.

But if lesson one only contains words like {yan} "wield a sword" and {wuQ}
"have a hangover then they can only talk about very specific things to start
with, and thus won't have anything of relevance to express to each other in

We have David Barron's postal course and have used it for inspiration, but
we want something a bit different. Also words specific for the klingon
culture are not very useful in this stage.

We just wanna be able to give each other orders ("Give me that!", "Read
this!", "Concentrate!") ask simple questions ("Do you agree?", "Are you
serious?") and use some exclamations ("Quickly!", "Hurry up!", "Ok!") etc.
To give everybody (spectators and ourselves) the impression that klingon
*can* be used in everyday life.


Does anybody have suggestions for additional useful words? (especially nouns)

/Greetings, Zrajm C

   Zrajm C Akfohg   Tel:018-500911   Beep:0740-145753
   Uppsala, Sweden    ICQ:16769663     Open:0.00-24.00 

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