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I work in a metal plating plant and was injured. I wondered how a
discription of what happened last Monday would sound in Klingon (I needed to
practice), it was a serious accident and did not intend to make lite of it.
To that extent, if anyone reads this I would add...Please wear safety
glasses when required!

poSwIj mIn riQ peymo' vaghHu' QaD
 juvmey  vIvonlu'. pIchwIj . mInwIj pIv
DaHjaj! mInDu' potlh. tIQan

My left eye was injured due to acid 5 days ago. I failed to follow safety
I am to blame. My eye is healthy today! Your eyes are important. Protect them!

Qapla''ej batlh ghoS!

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