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Re: jIDach


I begin functioning as BG with this message. Anything posted 
before this will be assumed to be something pagh handled. If he 
didn't respond to something that was sent before this message, 
it needs to be sent again before I'll respond to it.

I don't know a simpler way to avoid double-posting, especially 
since I've been skipping a number of KLBC posts for the sake of 
my sanity during a busy lifestyle. I just realized that I 
volunteered to do this tonight (when I have a bylaws meeting for 
my intentional community, tomorrow (when I'll be packing for a 
kayak trip), Wednesday (when I'll be going on a kayaking trip) 
and Thursday (when I'll be driving over an hour each way to band 

Sleep? Who needs sleep?

charghwI' 'utlh

On Mon, 28 Jun 1999 13:10:09 -0400 "Andeen, Eric" 
<> wrote:

> DaHjaj pov, ghunmeH chammey chu' vIghojmeH, *Portland* vIghoS. vaghleS
> jIchegh. jIDachtaHvIS, BG ru' Da charghwI'.
> SKI: I'll be gone a few days, and charghwI' will be filling in.
> pagh
> Beginners' Grammarian
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