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Re: Qa'Hom qaDHom (KLBC)

In a message dated 6/24/1999 7:19:52 PM US Mountain Standard Time, writes:

<< bIQ maHpIn, bIQ lInglaHbogh 'och je lutu'lu'.
 I also like your description of a sink. <bIQ maHpIn> and <bIQ lInglaHbogh
 'och> are not perfect, but they are very reasonable ways to describe a sink,
 I think. >>
jIHvaD qay'be' "sink" DaDelmeH mIw Dalo'bogh.  latlh wot vIchup vIneH.  {Qay} 
'oH.  DaH {bIQ lInglaHbogh 'och} tamlaH {bIQ QaywI'}.


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