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KLBC bom cha'DIch 'e' qon - ghItlh wa'DIch

Another set of phrases for your consideration.

The first stanza of another Poem.

Once again, I appreciate your critique of the grammar, more than
I think I've chosen the words well, more for meaning, than literal
The 0-V-S eludes me. I keep slipping between English and German
losing sight of the correct tlhIngan Hol.

bom cha'DIch'e' qon:


‘ach taDmoH Dir HoSHa’,
And though the cold brittles the flesh,

Qu’tlhegh’e’ ghorQo’.
The chain of duty cannot be broken,

QulDaq tIQwIj tobbej Qu’tlhegh.
For the chain is forged in the hearts own fire.

taD muHHa’,
which cold could not extinguish.


jav qeSlIj SoH pabpo'pu' je Satlho'.

Qor'etlh valwI'na'

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