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Re: KLBC: summer's in, school's out

> Now that the grammarian has gone over it...
>>rIn DuSaQ vaj ghojwI'Hom vIlughmoHta'.
> would one be correcting the student or the student's errors?

Both, students and their error! B-) Seriously, I was talking about their

> I'm am curious about your reasoning for using -Hom ?

Since I teach french in what you would call highschool (we call it secondary
school here in Quebec), I feel that they are still not fully grown student.
I might be wrong but I always felt that the word student refered primarily
to university or technical school student. In fact, in french we have two
different words (even more than that but those are the most commonly used
ones) to refer to students.

1- écolier (ecolier, for those who cannot read accentuated characters)
refers to elementary and secondary (highschool) level students.

2- étudiant (etudiant) refers to college and university students.

We also have the more neutral word "élève" (eleve) which means student
without any connotation.

So, I used the -Hom to clearly indicate that the students I was talking
about were still rather young. It's interesting to note that klingon gives
us a tool (basically the -Hom/-'a' suffixes) to make these subtle semantic
difference on the lexic without changing the basic meaning of a word.

Is there anything that keeps us from doing the following translation:

1- ghojwI'Hom --> elementary or highschool student (ecolier in french)

2- ghojwI' --> student (eleve)

3- ghojwI''a' --> college or university student (etudiant in french)

Even though these notions do not exist in klingon society, the language
itself gives us tools that can help in the translation of different
realities across different culture.

> rIn DuSaQ vaj ghojwI' Qagh vIlughnISmoHbe'.
> DloraH

Nelson Lamoureux
«Il y a des gens qui parlent
 jusqu'à ce qu'ils aient
 quelque chose à dire.»

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