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mu'mey Sar

Would anyone do me the honor of explaining the distinctions between the 
following words?  I'll even cite page numbers (kindly provided by muHwI', 
not realizing I lack all tlhIngan Hol print sources).

/Suv/, /ghob/, and /Qoj/  (KGT, p. 47)

/SuvwI'/ and /vaj/  (KGT, p. 50)

/voDleH/ and /ta'/  (?)

tugh Okrand paqmey vIje' 'e' vIlay' 'a jIboH!  DaH vISovnISqu'!

Also, are /mauk to'vor/, /ma'veq/, and /SIto'vo'qor/ canonic spellings or 
at any rate the most plausible candidates for Okrandian canonization?

QInwIj bojangDI' tuquvmoH!


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