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RE: My first sentences

Welcome to the list, Fredrik. My name is pagh, and I am the current
Beginners' Grammarian for the list. Whenever you have a post you want help
with, mark it for my attention with a KLBC in the subject line.

jatlh Fredrik:

> Wa'Dich mu'tlheghmeywIj

Careful with your spelling: <Wa'Dich> should be <wa'DIch>. Ordinals like
<wa'DIch> also go after the noun they modify. Your use of nouns suffixes on
<mu'tlhegh> was perfect, though.

> batlh BiyInmeH

Spelling again: <bIyInmeH>. Also, the verb suffix <-meH> means "in order
to", and a verb with <-meH> can't really be a sentence all by itself.

<batlh bIyIn> means "You live honorably". I'm not sure what you were going
for here. If you let me know what you meant, I can help correct the Klingon.

> lugh vItul

Almost. This sentence is missing a word in the middle - <'e'>. It is used to
represent the previous sentence. <lugh 'e' vItul> means "I hope that they
are right". See TKD section 6.2.5 for more on <'e'>.

Beginners' Grammarian

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