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RE: leSpal vIchenmoHlI'

QIn ngo' vIlaDlI'ba'. Dajmo' QInvam, jIjang 'e' vIwuq.

jatlh charghwI':

> qar'a'. muD SeS vevmoHbe'lu'. muD HevaD mI' chu' 'aDchoHmoH neH 
> nItlhDu' 'e' vIpIH. [Even for ME, this is a bizarre recasting, 
> but it was the best I could come up with. I'm open to 
> suggestions.] 

jatlh jey'el:

> --jey'el
> (who can't think of a short, clear way to say 
> "change the length" either)

tIqmoH pagh tIqHa'moH.


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