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KLBC: re: I thought feathers would fly ...

At 12:27 PM 6/16/99, you wrote:
>Didn't I ruffle anybody's feathers with this post?  <liberals> 
><conservatives> ghap vIQeHmoH 'e' vISovbe' 'ach tam Hoch 'e' mumer.  chaq 
>vItba'.  QochlaHbe' vay'.

I guess it all depends on views. Both liberals and conservatives are headstrong
on either side of the fence in their belifes. Both seem to want peace, love
and compassion and seem willing to kill each other for it. Go figure.

<liberals> je <conservatives>  Duj ngaDHa'pu' Dogh je! roj vIjatlh. batlh mareH.

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