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RE: KLBC: use of <chol>

jatlh runa:

> Did I use <chol> correctly in this sentence?
> qabDaj muchol 'ej Hegh.
> Should it rather be jIHvaD qabDaj chol?

The first part does not work. The thing that is getting closer is <qabDaj>,
so that has to be the subject of the verb <chol>: <muchol qabDaj> - "His
face came close to me".

Another issue is whether <chol> can take an object. It is glossed as "come
in, get closer, come nearer" (rather than "get closer *to*"), which suggests
that it cannot take an object, but I cannot say for sure. The most
conservative approach would be to say <jIHDaq chol qabDaj>.

For the second part, I assume you meant <Hagh> rather than <Hegh>.

>  <HIcholqa'Qo'> jIjatlh.

Nice use of <-qa'>.

> [He put his face close to me and laughed.
>  "Don't come any closer," I said.]

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