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Re: 'oy'DI' QuchwIj, jIQuch!

On 09-Jun-99, Carleton Copeland wrote:
>qen ja' voragh:
>>... just something to pass the time between rounds of forehead butting and
>mu'qaD veS.

>Any ideas as to the Klingon for *forehead butting*?  /qIp/ (hit with hand,
>fist, implement) would seem inapplicable.

KGT has a slang term: 
paw' (collide) but lists no simple non-slang term.

CK mentions butting heads, but I havent quite worked out exactly what was
being said from the tape, the best I could come up with was the following
dialogue segment (TT - terran tourist, KG - Klingon Guide):
TT    What's happening over there?   pa'Daq qaStaHnuq.
KG    Klingon warriors are butting heads.    qIp'egh nachDu'chaj

Was I close?

Where is the canon master when you need him. ;)

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