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Re: Thanks for the helping grope!

muSwI' wrote:
: Carleton Copeland schrieb:
: > qIDmeymo muHwI'vaD mupwI'vaD je qatlho'qu'!  
: I wouldn't use the {-vaD} here
: instead of {qatlho'} say {vItlho'} or {Satlho'}.

  muHwI' mupwI' je, Satlho'.  
  muHwI' and mupwI', (I) thank you.

  muHwI' mupwI' je vItlho'.
  I thank muHwI' and mupwI'.

Since English (and German) rely heavily on prepositions, native speakers of
these languages tend to use far too many noun suffixes ({-vaD} {-Daq], {-vo'},
{-mo'}, etc.) when writing Klingon.  The sentence just looks too bare without
them.  It takes a while to acquire a feeling for the new language.
: >> peng = torpedo
: > Still don't get it.
: Have you never read comic strips? When somebody shoots a gun, the noise
: it makes is usually PANG!  I think that's the pun.
Maybe in Germany.  In North America English speakers usually say "bang" with a
/b/ which, by the way, is also slang meaning to have quick, unemotional sexual
intercourse with someone.  How this applies to {bang} "love" (i.e. a lover or
loved one) tells us much about Okrand's opinion of Klingon romance.

As I mentioned before, I think {peng} is a play on a sonar "ping!" - the sound
heard in many movies and television shows about submarines.  And submarines
fire torpedoes.

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons 

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