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Re: Thanks for the helping grope!

Carleton Copeland schrieb:
> qIDmeymo muHwI'vaD mupwI'vaD je qatlho'qu'!  
qIDmeymo'. Apostrophe!
I wouldn't use the {-vaD} here
instead of {qatlho'} say {vItlho'} or {Satlho'}.

> > peng = torpedo
> Still don't get it.
Have you never read comic strips? When somebody shoots a gun, the noise
it makes is usually PANG! 
I think that's the pun.

> > Sab = decline, deteriorate
> >>A Swedish car-company. Ever seen a Saab?
> That bad?
jISovbe'. mu'qIDvam vI'oghbe' jIH. vIQoypu' neH.


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