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ghel pI'lo / KLBC

 #1)     <ghaHbejbe'> or <ghaHbe'bej> = he/she is certainly not
do both work?

 #2)    <pov 'ej val 'ej yoH jupwI'.> = My friend is excellent, smart &
does this work, or do I have to repeat the subject?

#3)  I could not find "be tall".   <runbe'> = be not short, does
<runHa'> mean be tall? or does it mean not be short anymore?
I am confused as to the difference between -be' and -Ha'. I understand
-be' as to mean "not"+verb. I *think* then that -Ha' means the
equivalent of using the prefixes, dis- or un- like appear/disappear,
I've seen people use <muSHa'> to mean something like <love> If muSbe'
means "not hate" consequently does muSHa' mean love? Or does it mean
"used to hate but not any longer"? Can the -Ha' suffix also mean
"opposite of/reverse concept" of the verb? Is -Ha' sometimes a stronger
form of -be'?
    In a previous post I brought up the question of ecdysiasts at work..

<jechchaj tuQbe' mI'wI'pu'>. the dancers are not wearing their costumes.

but if I wanted to mean that the dancers had stripped from their
costumes would it be <jechchaj tuQHa' mI'wI'pu'>? To be clear on the
meaning would I have to stick a -egh & -moH in the sentence?
chay'  mu'tlheghvam  vI'ta'?
    I look forward to any enlightenment. Satlho'.     Pillow

ps. my Klingon name is pI'lo, a pun on "to be fat". pIl'o' was pointed
out to me as a pun on "motivated butt" (as an aerobics instructor/person
with waaay too many hobbies) Is it permissible to change one's name?
        (what would be a good way of saying, "she who should be doing
chores, but procrastinates by studying tlhIngan Hol")     }}};-)

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