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RE: nuqneH

Welcome to the list. My name is pagh, and I am the current Beginners'
Grammarian for the list. Whenever you have a post you want help with, mark
it for my attention with a KLBC in the subject line.

jatlh Mr Skull de Wit:

> nuqneH
> wI' pong lomnach

You're trying to say "My name is <lomnach>", yes? The FAQ (see below) tells
you exactly how to do this: <lomnach 'oH pongwIj'e'>.

> jIyajbe'tlhIngan

Klingon sentence order is different: object-verb-subject, so you need to put
the verb <yaj> after the object. Also note that in Klingon, unlike English
and many other Earth languages, you can't just say <tlhIngan> to refer to
the language. You have to call it <tlhIngan Hol>. You also have to adjust
your verb prefix - you got the subject part right with <jI->, but the verb
prefix also needs to match the object, so you have to use <vI->:

tlhIngan Hol vIyajbe'.

qay'be'. bIvumqangchugh, tlhIngan Hol DaghojlaHbej.
No problem. If you are willing to work, you can certainly learn Klingon.

Beginners' Grammarian

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