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RE: Hop and Sum

jatlh T'Lod:

> I must have missed the discussion on this topic, but am I 
> correct in using the words Hop and Sum in this manner?

> DujDaq Hop SuvwI' - The warrior is far from the ship.
> raSDaq Sum quS - The chair is near the table.

> Or am I in need of a slight grammar tweak?

jIjang. jIjatlh:

> <Hop> and <Sum> are discussed in the recent HolQeD interview 
> with Marc Okrand. The most common way to use these words is 
> to simply say something like <Hop SuvwI'> - "The warrior is 
> far away", and the point of reference is understood to be 
> the location of the speaker. It is also possible to use a 
> locative, as you did, to change the point of reference. So 
> your sentences are fine.

I forgot to point out, though, that <raSDaq Sum quS> is really more like "At
the table, the chair is nearby" than "The chair is near the table".

Beginners' Grammarian

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