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RE: KLBC: computer vocabulary

jatlh Clayton:

>I'd like to know what are the closest forms to express 
>the following computer related words in Klingon:
> internet
> mouse (device)
> webpage
> keyboard
> button
> font (letter)
> window
> site / homepage
> operating system
> program
> line
> command line
> channel (IRC channel)
> server
> electronic mail address
> hard disk
> diskette
> compact disk
> word editor program
> graphic editor program
> compiler
> directory (folder)
> file
> to be online
> to be offline
> to websurf
> to nuke
> to send an electronic mail message
> to be away
> to delete
> to copy
> to cut
> to paste
> to load program
> to save a file
> to quit a program
>I know I won't get all of these, but any of them would already be a
>great help. I can't figure out how to say them in klingon, and it seems
>hard to me.

jang HovqIj. jatlh:

Just have a try. You won't find direct translations in the dictionary, so
you'll have to become creative. Think about the function of the devices and
the effect of your operations. If you want to get Klingon words for these,
you have to try first. We'll help you, but you need to take some effort,

And an advice on the side: I know it's tempting for you to have these words,
but it would be better to start learning Klingon like any other language:
with easy sentences, learning grammar and vocab step by step, so that you
get a feeling of the language first. Then it'll be so much easier for you to
find Klingon translations for the words you're looking for.


nIvba' qeSvam. bInIDta'DI', qechmeylIj tIlab 'ej qaQaH.

HovqIj gave you very good advice. Give these computer terms a try, and when
you've got most of them, send them to the list. I will help you correct

You should also know that some of these terms are *not* going to be
translatable. Quite a few of them are specific to modern day human computer
technology, which is quite a bit different from twenty fourth century
Klingon computer technology. Terms like "command line" will probably not
make much sense without a detailed explanation.

This doesn't mean you shouldn't try to describe your computer in Klingon - I
do it all the time - just that you should recognize the difficulties you
will run into.

Beginners' Grammarian

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