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Re: KLBG beginner's %#!%*!!

jatlh HomDoq:

>jatlh HovqIj:
>> It's your choice. However, {tuQ} doesn't mean "be dressed", but "wear".
>> {be' tuQHa'} - "he/she/it doesn't wear a woman".
>shouldn't it be {tuQbe'} for "she doesn't wear it"?
>{tuQHa'} sounds more like "wear wrongly" to me.
>(like if you misbuttoned a shirt or something)

I didn't change it into {tuQHa'} because the {-Ha'} seems to imply that the
women just got undressed. First they {tuQ} clothes, and then they {tuQHa'}
the clothes. I couldn't find a good English translation for this
(*dis-wear?). Anyway, I admit that, without further context, it can really
be misunderstood as "wear wrongly"... a fashion show of some crazy designer?

>                                           Marc Ruehlaender
>                                           aka HomDoq
>Le bon roi Dagobert avait sa culotte  l'envers...

ta'Homvetlh vISovbe'. lut naQ yIjatlh.


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