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Re: Hello !

jatlh Voragh:

>K'ryntes wrote:
>> Oops, this was meant for Voragh. I accidently deleted the original post.
>>> qep'a'vo' bIcheghta'!
>>> Hey, you're back from qep'a'!  Or weren't you there?  Was it awesome?
>: toH, Voragh, qep'a'vaD bIjeSta'chugh: qep'a' DatIv'a'?
>pagh qep'a'Daq jIjeSpu'be' 'ej not 'e' vIHechbe'.

Double negatives? Interesting.

>I haven't attended any qep'a' and never intend to.
>Aside from simply not being able to afford it, I don't like to travel and I
>abhor crowds and social gatherings of any kind.  A Star Trek convention,
>even a relatively small one like the KLI qep'a', in Las Vegas of all places
>would be my idea of Hell on Earth.

De'vam vISovbe'. loQ qayaj. rut muboQ qev. Suy qachDaq HemeyDaq joq nuvpu'
law' lutu'lu'DI' ghu' vIpar. HewIj lubot. tujchugh muD He'So'. 'ach Hoch
ghom Segh vIparbe'. ghomna' luchenmoHchugh jeSwI'pu' pImqu' ghu'. Qu' vIta'
vIneHchugh 'ej mubotchugh neH ghotpu' qevvetlh vImuS. 'ach matay'meH ghotpu'
vIghom vIneHDI' muboQbe' ghotpu'vetlh. maQum, maQuj, maQuch. vaj qep'a'vaD
jIjeSmeH 'eb vISuqchugh 'ebvetlh vIjonchu'.

>Besides, I had jury duty Thursday and Friday so I couldn't have left town
>even if I had wanted to.  (Not without a visit from a Cook County Sheriff's
>deputy upon my return.)
>Steven Boozer   University of Chicago Library

-- temporary BG

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