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Re: Hello !

K'ryntes wrote:
> Oops, this was meant for Voragh. I accidently deleted the original post.
>> qep'a'vo' bIcheghta'!
>> Hey, you're back from qep'a'!  Or weren't you there?  Was it awesome?  :)

: toH, Voragh, qep'a'vaD bIjeSta'chugh: qep'a' DatIv'a'?

pagh qep'a'Daq jIjeSpu'be' 'ej not 'e' vIHechbe'.
I haven't attended any qep'a' and never intend to.

Aside from simply not being able to afford it, I don't like to travel and I
abhor crowds and social gatherings of any kind.  A Star Trek convention,
even a relatively small one like the KLI qep'a', in Las Vegas of all places
would be my idea of Hell on Earth.

Besides, I had jury duty Thursday and Friday so I couldn't have left town
even if I had wanted to.  (Not without a visit from a Cook County Sheriff's
deputy upon my return.)

Steven Boozer   University of Chicago Library

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