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Re: Hello !

ja' Sa'ra:
Alright, I've been lurking here for quite some time, and was afraid to post
since I'm not fluent enough in Klingon to introduce myself that way... but
since I guess I'm not the only one doing introductions in English..
Hi Sa'ra!  It's fine to introduce yourself in English.  Don't be afraid to try your hand at Klingon though.  Once you do you'll really be addicted!

Since you've been lurking, you probably know that most of this list's active posters are in Vegas right now for the qep'a' (annual meeting of the KLI).  So it's a bit quiet right now.


Hi, I'm Sarah.  or Sa'ra... cuz I just like the way that sounds in Klingon.

It sounds excellent in Klingon.  Good choice.

Anyway, I just became interested in Klingon recently, and I already bought
the dictionary, both cassette tapes, the Klingon Way, and Klingon for the
Galactic Traveller.... or something like that.  I've been studying a lot,
but still not enough to speak or understand without my book nearby... i
guess it'll come.

It will.
Anyway, I'm 16, from NY, and a relatively new trekkie,
thanks to my friend Amanda who also sparked my interest in tlhIngan Hol.
Is Amanda on this list also?  You'll have to recruit her!  :)
love RPGs and I'm on 4 Star Trek ships, as well as 2 academies, and some
other non-star trek stuff.  So, that's me... at least as much of me as is
relevant to this list.  C-ya around!!
I'm glad you joined us.  I look forward to seeing more posts from you.



IM: horse42lvr
ICQ: 12335087


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