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Re: KLBC-Fr.

jatlh Francesco:


DachlI' pagh. DachtaHvIS ghaH taghwI' pabpo' ru' vIDa jIH.

>latlh QInmeylIj Hoch mu'mey chu' vIghojlI'mo', wej QInwIj chu' vIqeltaH.
>mu'mey vIghojchu'ta'DI' vaj QIn chu' vIghItlhchoH.

maj. batlh bIghojjaj. I hope you're aware of the fact that {ghItlh} only
describes the physical act of making notes by writing, carving into stone,
typing, etc. If you want to talk about your forming the mesagge in your
mind, a different word is usually used: {qon}, literally meaning "record,
compose". And if you're just compiling a shopping list or something like
that, use the word {gher} - "formulate, compile, pull together".

>(wej tlhIngan pongwIj vIwIv.

I'd suggest putting {-ta'} an {vIwIv}. You have not yet completed the act of
choosing a name. And your choosing is intentional, hence the {-ta'}, and not

> vIQublI'...)

Good use of aspect. However, this should have the no-object prefix {jI-}.
"I'm still thinking..." Yet, if you wanted to say "I'm still thinking about
it..." you need to use a different verb, since {Qub} cannot take a direct
object. Consider {qel}, for example.

qay'be'. batlh tlhIngan pongna'lIj yIwIv. SoH DubelmoHbe'bogh pong'e'

-- temporary BG

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