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Re: Airplane Rides (continued)

ja' Qov:
>I just noticed one sequence I didn't get right.  The noun conjunction
>/joq/ should of course have come after the two noun phrases, not
>between them.

QaghHomvetlh vItu'bogh vIbuSHa'.

>I've also just lost a battle with the paperwork gods, which means that
>I will almost certainly not be permitted to fly at night in the US.  A
>shame.  I'll have to make the best of the day.

HIvqa' navQu' Qunpu'. :-P

DaH tlhIHvaD 'eb vIjonnISlaw'.
ram chalvo' veng vIleghbogh vIDel 'e' vInIDnIS.
qep'a' matay'DI' HIyu'.

-- ghunchu'wI'

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