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Re: KLBC Well, here goes....

blackdragon wrote:
> lan I know this is unfortunate and I do not blame anyone
> but ,... when I opened a email form the klingong news group I got a virus
> .. and I can't figure out who did it for my whole system went down
> thanks
> Akourii

*email* laDchugh neH vay', De'wI'vaD QIHbogh De''e' Suqbe'lu'.
De'wI'vaD QIHbogh De''e' vISuqmeH, *email* tlhej vIchu'nIS...

hm, is my casting for virus <De'wI'vaD QIHbogh De''e'> literally 
"information (program) that damages the computer" correct? i am
not sure if i can use <-vaD> in a relative clause... or can take 
<QIH> an object?


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