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Re: KLBC jang pI'lo

Alan Anderson wrote:

> ja' pI'lo:
> >De'Hey  'IQ  vIja'.
> >qep'a'Daq  qIlchoH  lengwIj.  }}}8-(
> Do'Ha'qu'. :-(
> chaq qeqlIjDaq Danabta'bogh jIjeSbe', 'ach DaH qaSbe' qeqvetlh.
> maHvaD <mI'qu'> ta Daqonqang'a'?
> >'ach  *October  SaqIHlaHDI'  vItul.  [or should it be jItul?]
> >*Henderson, Nevada-Daq 'uQ'a'Daq jIlengbej.  lopno'  yItIvqu'!
> wanI'vetlh vISuchlaHbe' je.
> cha'logh Indiana-vo' Nevada-Daq vIlengpu'; wejlogh jIruchbe'.
> -- ghunchu'wI'

ghunchu'wI', qajatlh  (are we supposed to use "speak" in correspondence
or is there a better verb?)
 Was your missive to say "Perhaps in the class you planned, did you
'composed a record' of the workout for us?"
I assume you mean the record refers to a video. [Alas, ghobe']
 You also mentioned that you won't be able to attend the Qot bavol
You've traveled from Indiana to Nevada twice; three times you won't go.

Golly, I sure hope SOMEBODY from here goes to the lopno'.
Dunbejqu' lopno'vetlh.
chaq jImI'vIS jechHomwIj lutIv. }}}8-0.
chaq vImaw, chaq vImawbe'.
jISaHbe'.  jIta'  vInab.                    }}};-)      pI'lo

ps. it only took me about an hour to do this. Being a beginner sucks.

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