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Re: jIghIQchoHmo' jIDach

ja' peHruS:
>ghunchu'wI', bIlughbej.  luch 'oHbe' tep'e' jay'!

vaj luch vIpolnIS 'e' yImaqQo'.

>'ach qatlh tep boqeng 'ej luch botlhapbe'?


Obviously, my explanations in Klingon failed to reach you.

We did not pack "gear/equipment" because we were not planning to use
"gear/equipment" on our vacation.  If we were going mountain climbing
or if we were planning to repair bicycles or if we had some reason to
troubleshoot air traffic controller workstations, we might have brought
"gear/equipment".  But because we merely planned to travel to a hotel
and visit relatives, eating food in restaurants and walking from place
to place for a few days, we had no nead for "gear/equipment".  As a
simple word to describe our luggage, I instead chose {tep} "cargo".

>luch bIH Sut'e' nav'e' Soj'e' je.


>luch bolo'lI' SoH QorDu'lIj je; vay'vaD HIjlu'meH tep qenglu'.

'ach luch'e' wIlo'be' jay'!!!  qatlh ngoDvam nap DalajQo'taHqu'?

>qatlh Soj boboSta'DI, latlh bIQ boboS?  Soj wa' Segh 'oHbej bIQ'e'.

tepmajDaq Soj wIghoD.  ghopmajDaq bIQ bal DIqeng.  bIyon'a'?

-- ghunchu'wI'

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