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RE: KLBC Well, here goes....

jatlh pI'lo:

>> > pIqIm,
>> <peqIm> Dalo' 'e' DaHech, qar'a'?

> oops! For once I did NOT use my prefix chart & misspelled it. 
> At least I knew what the prefix was, just mispelled it. darn.

qay'be'. I once misspelled <ja'chuq> as <nga'chuq>. Doqqu'choHbej qabwIj.

> > pongna'wIj  teHbej 'ej  naQchu'.
> You're missing a verb to connect <pongna'wIj> to the rest of the 
> sentence. How about <pongna'wIj 'oH. teHbej 'ej naQchu'.>.

> I don't quite understand.
> [my-definite-name].as object....[it be certainly true] 
> [and-between sentences] as conjunction between phrases  
> [it be perfectly complete]. with the [it] as subject 
> implied by the prefix of the verbs (but there is 0 prefix 
> for it-to-it verbs) Where am I wrong? what would be the 
> simplest or best way to say "it is my complete and true name"
> (meaning that it is my sole, legal name)?

> }}};-) of course my Klingon name, pI'lo is in the venerable 
> house of Gowron (having been "adopted" by Robert O'Reilly at 
> Klin-Kon '97) but Pillow is my REAL name, not my stage name. 
> (long story)

>> > chaq  'uQ'a'Daq  jImI'vIS  bIbejpu'.
>> The suffix <-vIS> always needs to go with <-taH>. Also, I don't 
>> understand why you put the <-pu'> on <bej>. Did you mean <-laH>?

> I was trying to say, "Perhaps you watched  while I danced at the 
> feast". It was not a question, I was referring to a  feast in the 
> past tense. maybe I should have used chaq  'uQ'a'Daq  jImI'ta'  
> chobejpu'.      or even   chaq  'uQ'a'Daq   jImI'ta' chobej.

This time the problem was me, not you. I had it in my mind that you were
talking about the feast next year, not this past one. Your original is fine.

> So now what? It this posted automatically, with your 
> corrections? Is it posted with my mistakes and your 
> corrections or am I supposed to rewrite and resubmit
> the message?

It's really up to you. After the BG (that's me) has responded, you are free
to follow up and ask any questions you might have, as you did, and I'll try
to answer. Anyone else is also free to respond to your post and comment as
well. Often after I respond to a KLBC post with minor corrections everyone
is satisfied and there's no need for anyone to post anything else. Sometimes
we exchange a few more posts with more detailed questions and answers.
Sometimes somone else on the list jumps in and a long discussion starts -
often having little or no relation to the original post. This list is
basically just an ongoing conversation, and it moves and flows accordingly.

Beginners' Grammarian

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