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Re: tlhIngan yupma'

nuQum qa'ral:

: tlhIngan yupma' (holidays) SaHbogh Hoch Sovmaj 'oH'a' tlha'wI''e'? 
:  (voragh, vy menya slyshite?)

Tol'ko seichas slushaiu.  (I seem to have missed this post last week.)
: - QI'lop--holiday honoring the Klingon military.
: - Empire Union Day (wo' tay' jaj*, wo' muvta'ghach jaj*, tlhIngan wo' 
: jaj*)--holiday commemorating the unification of Qo'noS under qeylIS.
: - Kot'baval Festival (qotba'val yupma'*)--festival celebrating Kahless's 
: victory over Molor, including operatic reenactments and mock fights.

Now there's the Day of Honor {batlh jaj}--a holiday originating int he 23rd
century to recognize the potential honor of an enemy as well as a day of
personal introspection.  Many Klingon families traditionally serve blood
pie {'Iwchab} on this day.  (See Simon & Schuster series of six "Day of
Honor" novels as well as the Voyager episode of the same name.)

Klingon warriors also commemorate the anniversary of their own Rite of
Ascension {nentay}, with certain years (e.g. the 10th) being particularly
significant.  (Cf. Worf in TNG "The Icarus Factor".)

Ca'Non Master of the Klingons 

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