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RE: zeugma

jatlh Marc Paige:

> zeugma | ZOOG-muh | noun
> : the use of a word to modify or govern two or more words 
> usually in such a manner that it applies to each in a 
> different sense or makes sense with only one (as in 
> "opened the door and her heart to the homeless boy")
> tIQuj
> *zeugma* mu'tlheghmey DachenmoHlaH'a'
> jInID:
> DaqtaghlIj tIQlIj je yI'ang
> jIQap'a'


bIQap, 'ach cha' QaghHommey vItu'. muj <tIQlIj>; lugh <tIqlIj>. 'ej cha'
Dochmey lu'anglu'mo', moHaq <tI-> Dalo'nIS.

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