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Re: pab chu'

Terrence Donnelly wrote:
> SKI: I recently posted some new pages to my Website containing a listing
> of all the grammar addenda and corrections post-TKD that I could find.
> You may find it interesting.  Let me know if I said something wrong or
> forgot your favorite bit.

I may be missing something - I am only a beginner after all.

Appendix: A Selected List of Useful Klingon Expressions
1.Telling time:
You answer with a time label: rep wej "three A.M.";

CK list the time format as:
"Six Hundred Hours, or Six O'clock in the morning is: Six, jav, plus
hundred, vatlh, plus rep.
Altogether its   javvalth rep."

Which is more correct/canon?
Shouldnt both be listed?

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